About Me

I had the privilege of growing up in Trinidad, the most multicultural island in the Caribbean, where I gained insight into the lives of a people brought together, (either by force or choice) from all four corners of the world and through striking resilience, created the rich and diverse culture it is today. It is here where I learned to accept my own unique qualities to overcome the difficulty of wanting to 'fit in'.

Over the past decade, I discovered more about human potential from working with those in fast-paced, high-pressure roles in central government and sales, to grass roots level, with young people in care and adults with mental health. One thing these have in common, I found, is that not everybody needs coaching but everyone should have access to it.  


To be of use is paramount to me and through coaching, I know that I honour this calling. I won't sugar-coat things and say I have life all figured out, as every day I face obstacles - some big, some small. However, what I DO have is faith and an unfaltering set of tools which guide me to overcome each and every time. These are the instruments I give to my clients, wholeheartedly.

What a joy it is to support people to embrace who they truly are and bring about the inevitable change they crave or avoid so much. Change of job, change of lifestyle, change of mindset. The possibilities are endless when we come from a place of value and purpose to clear a path and move responsibly forward.


                        Email: contactclairetindall@gmail.com                     Tel:  07531663310